Our Store Policies

Payment Methods

Credit Cards (VISA and MATERCARD only)

Debit Cards, Cash, Cheques, E-Transfer

Privacy & Safety

Due to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, we feel obligated to monitor the traffic of our front desk service for the safety of all. We kindly ask you to wear a mask and sanitize your hands before/after entering the building.


If you have more questions and order inquiries,

feel free to contact 604-304-4900 ext.105 or email to info@ayeonsupply.com 

We will try our best to assist you.


For pick-up orders, please obtain/settle your invoice at the front desk and pick up the order at the back door only. Please kindly call in advanced and ring the doorbell once arrive. Our warehouse staffs will be able to assist you.


Thank you for understanding and sorry for all inconveniences it may cause.​





如有更多關於訂單及貨品諮詢,歡迎致電604-304-4900 ext.105或是郵件聯絡 info@ayeonsupply.com